Help The Heritage Foundation Stop Wasteful Government Spending

Now is the time for action.

Stock markets are wavering, and the economy remains stagnant. The American dream will vanish very soon if Washington doesn’t cut spending now.

Washington’s crushing debt burden now totals $47,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. And that doesn’t include our even larger unfunded long-term debt. This is catastrophic and unsustainable.

Will you stand with The Heritage Foundation as we urge Congress to cut wasteful government spending? You can add your voice right now using the form at the left.

By standing together, we will call on Congress and President Obama to:

America is out of time. Spending is soaring. Our national debt is at unprecedented levels. Tax hikes are looming, and entitlement spending is out of control.

So please, add your voice to The Heritage Foundation’s Open Letter to President Obama and the United States Congress.

Thank you for taking a stand at this historic moment—and for your support of the conservative principles that will save the American dream.